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Dwarvish #8

Ansaru kitnul, ifridî bekâr!
Centre company, ready weapons!

ansar: company, group; from the root √n-s-r “come together, form a group”; with the construct suffix -u
kitnul: adjectival derivative of kitin, from the root √k-t-n middle, central
ifridî: plural imperative from the root √f-r-d “make ready”
bekâr: plural of bekar “weapon” from the root √b-k-r “fight”

Îmî, îmî, kabâru drekh!
“Scram, scat! you mangy animals!”
îmî: imperative plural from the root √y-m (*iymî > îmî)
kabâr: plural of kobor “beast”; with construct suffix -u
drekh: some sort of skin disease

Various single words:
kharâm “brothers” (plural of khurm)
udâmai “comrades” (plural of udmai) — root √d-m-y “accompany, go along with”
umâral “friends” (plural of umral) — root √m-r-l “love”
itkit “shut up!” imperative of √t-k-t
yêbith “spider” — from the root √y-b-th “weave”
kud? “what?”
ugrad “coward”, pl. ugârad (root √g-r-d “fear”)